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Who am I ?

A self-taught painting poetess.

Create a positive emotion, well-being, curiosity, happiness.

Make people want to write a poem, a story.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In a few sentences and in no particular order :


  • My father told me: never stop learning.

  • My favorite and terrible sentence : I have an idea.


Life is creativity, adaptability and color.

I love the color; nature is color.

I'm talking about real color, not just shades of gray, white, and black. (Which doesn't prevent me from being a fan of Soulages' work)

As a teenager, I dreamed of going to Boulle school to become a stylist. And then there was life and its windings.


From audio visual media to  photography, via art framing and cardboard or other materials in less artistic works.


Collage-based works (using my photos) of watercolor or non-watercolor medium (makeup products, markers, crayons, non colored pencils) and others.

Each work is protected by Plexiglass instead of a frame that would distort or enclose it or I, myself, can cover it in cardboard.


All this was possible thanks to the meeting of wonderful people who knew how to transmit without retention, without judgment.

THANKS to all the trainers, to the trainer of associations that have been my "Art schools"


More particularly to:

Sylvie P. for her sentence which has always accompanied me in the creative process:

"Nothing is ever lost, everything is recoverable".

Anne S. for her encouragement which helped me to believe in my potential


From experience, I will add:

Hearing the opinion of others without making it a dogma.

Staying in tune with yourself.

And THANKS to my family who accompany me, support me, and support me on the path of creativity

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